Geometry Kollektion

Geometry Collection

The Geometry Collection was our debut collection. It all began with an idea and a question: is it possible to fold metal by hand, just as you would a piece of paper? Origami meets Heavy Metal!

Looks like heavy metal, but the pieces are astonishingly light-weight and comfortable. All pieces are folded by hand and meticulously polished. The size, angle and number of facets vary and create the different pieces of jewelry.

Geometry is a collection with many facets, polished to a shine. Its when the jewelry is worn that it really comes to life. The facets catch the light from all directions and reflect your surroundings. The design is multi-faceted, progressive, avant-garde and yet playful.

Gold und Edelsteine

Gold und Edelsteine

Lass die Facetten funkeln!

Du hast Interesse an einer Sonderanfertigung?

Gemeinsam mit unseren Edelsteinexperten suchen wir wunderschöne Edelsteine für dich aus. Ganz individuell bringen wir dann unsere Facetten für dich zum funkeln!

Auf Anfrage entwickeln wir mit dir ein ganz besonders Schmuckstück. Schau dich hier um und melde dich gerne mit deinen Wünschen bei uns. Preise, Variationen und Lieferzeiten auf Anfrage.

Hearts Folded

Hearts Folded Collection

In 2020 we launched a project very close to our hearts. As a universal sign of love and solidarity, we folded a beautiful silver or gold heart that can be worn as a pin, brooch, ring, necklace or earrings. We donate 25% of the proceeds to Hamburg women's shelters.

Knick Kollektion

Square Collection

Squared is Geometry's little sister. She is not quite as facetted but she is a real eye catcher nonetheless.

All products are folded by hand from a flat sheet of silver or gold. The rings is meticulously folded to shape a perfect square. One might think it is uncomfortable but quite the opposite! Give it a try and it will soon become your favorite accessory.



Ob Marmortreppe, eine Hecke oder eine Parade Marienkäfer: Bei Sahra Tehrani werden Fotos aus dem Alltag auf Kleidung designed und somit zu tragbaren Geschichten. Die Vorlagen für die Prints sind Bilder, die Sahra im Alltag begegnen. Wertvolles soll wertvoll behandelt werden: Sahra's Designs werden unter fairen Bedingungen in Kleinserie in ihrem Studio und in Europa von Hand gefertigt. 

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