Der Anfang – eine Geschichte von Freundschaft und Falten.

How it all started: a story about friendship and a passion for design.

The story of Fritz and Rose began some time ago, in one our favorite bars during a friend's birthday party. Unfortunately, the bar no longer exists: the Golem am Fischmarkt in Hamburg. It was a humid and cheerful evening and at some point I asked Ursi whether metal could be folded like paper. We started folding old receipts from our wallets while we were still at the bar...

We have been good friends for a long time. We are both passionate designers with a shared enthusiasm for special, decorative products that bring a smile to people's faces. Ursi is a designer AND a trained goldsmith. I am a designer specialised in jewellery, luxury goods and accessories. So it was clear from the start that we would turn the idea of folding metal like paper into a piece of jewellery.

We had a lot of fun working together and so we always met on Sundays for what we called "band practice". We called it that because we felt inspired by the band "The Roots". The band members and their families always met on Sundays, come what may, to spend time together, detached from appointments and payed gigs, just to make music and jam together. And we've been jamming and folding metal ever since...

At the time, we were both employed as product designers. The very first thing to emerge from our folding idea was our Geometry ring. We were thrilled and gradually received more and more encouragement from family, friends and colleagues. Was it crazy to think that a complete collection could be created from the idea of folding metal by hand? Slowly but surely, the hobby developed into the desire to continue with it professionally.

In 2016, we took the plunge, quit our jobs and founded Fritz and Rose. Everything happened much faster than we could have realised and there was so much to do. Although it has very much been a rollercoaster ride, it always felt like we were on the right patch. It still does.

The last 4.5 years have certainly been eventful, full of moments of both euphoria and panic, with a lot of work and even more reward. The first website! The first photo shoot! The first client! The greatest part is that we can share both the challenges and the celebrations with each other. We really enjoy working together and team work comes easy to us.

There are many outstanding moments, but in the end it's the individual clients that inspire us and keep us inspired. For example, when a young customer has been saving up for a ring from us for a long time and finally has enough to place the order. Or when we are allowed to design the wedding rings for an upcoming wedding, as we did recently. So beautiful!

Best regards,

Tric, aka Fritz

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