Of course, we want you to be able to wear our jewelry for a long time. That's why we've put together a few care tips for you here.

We recommend: put on your jewelry just before you leave the house. When you come back home, it's best to take off your jewelry right away. This will help you avoid many small scratches. Otherwise, if possible, always adhere to the following simple rules:

Never wear jewelry while:

Sports, physical work (including housework)
showering, bathing, swimming
Always remove rings when washing your hands.

Avoid contact with:

Creams & gels
Sprays (shampoo, perfume, hairspray, makeup, ...)
If creams or the like do get on your jewelry, it's best to wipe them off immediately and clean them up. Creams and chemicals attack the surface over time and leave stains that eventually can no longer be removed. You should also always put on your jewelry after applying makeup or cosmetics.

Due to its composition, silver has the property of tarnishing after some time. This is a normal, natural process. Therefore, you should clean your jewelry with a soft cloth or jewelry cloth from time to time. Wipe it with small, round movements and your jewelry will be almost as good as new. Please avoid paper or handkerchiefs and sharp cleaning agents. Special jewelry cloths are especially good because they polish the surface slightly at the same time. If you prefer to use a silver bath, when cleaning our Geometry pendant and earrings, make sure that you dry the jewelry well so that no residue of the silver bath remains inside.

When you are not wearing your jewelry, you should always store it in a place that is dry, preferably airtight, and out of direct sunlight. When transporting jewelry, keep it protected. It is best to use a padded jewelry box with several compartments. Then your treasures can not scratch each other.

We work with 925/- silver, which is not surface treated. Therefore it keeps its beautiful, warm color. Silver is a material that does not pass the signs of time without a trace. Silver is softer than gold and therefore after a certain time small scratches and wear marks will be visible. This is quite normal. We think wear marks are part of it and show that your beloved piece of jewelry has been with you for a while. Our gold plated products are made of 925/- sillber and are covered with a thin layer of gold. This layer is not forever and ever durable but can wear off over time. This is a normal process. Depending on how much wear the jewelry gets and how often you wear it, it will take more or less time. With rings, it usually happens a little faster than with ear jewelry, for example. You can also have your gold-plated jewelry re-gilded if you no longer like the color.

Of course we are always there for you if you have questions about our products. If something should break, we also offer a repair service. You are always welcome to contact us.
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