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Geometry ring

Ring in silver. 6-sided, 30 facets, 36 creases. Corners inside rounded. See table for ring-size guide.

• 925/- Silver 
• available in yellow or red gold plated

high-polished finish
• inner surface matt finish

! The delivery time for this product is currently 3-4 weeks !

Our icon, the Geometry Ring, originated from a flat sheet of silver, folded left and right, up and down, until it formed into a multi-faceted, hexagonal ring. It has 6 sides, 30 facets, 36 creases and fits you and your finger perfectly. Looks like heavy metal, but it's astonishingly light-weight and comfortable. In fact, the wearabilty becomes clear, when you see that two flat sides position themselves between your fingers. Every single ring is folded by hand and meticulously polished. Size matters in this case, so please consult our ring-size guide to determine your size. Due to the unique shape of this ring, it usually covers 2 standard ring-sizes. Our ring-size guide will help you find the perfect fit!

We are a small business and each product is made with love and by hand. This can sometimes take a while and we don't always have all products in stock. You will receive a message from us after ordering with a specific delivery date. 

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